Horse Boarding

All the horses of our center and private horses enjoy all their primary needs in terms of quality of life, animal welfare and safeguarding the moral and physical integrity of each of them, in fact, the pine forest has been evaluated as the best place by public inspectorate agents.

1) Horses are bred according to natural principles as a company requirement that satisfies their hierarchical principles, one of the primary factors in the natural world of horses and in their daily life in a pack in the wild.

2) Food at will through the careful selection of quality hay as a basis for a natural diet that brings all the needs of the horse, with additions of feed, grits and fresh grass during the possible periods, which bring eventual imbalances.

The rations are calculated based on the natural needs of the horses.

3) Comfort, as the horses have the freedom to choose between elegant wooden and iron sheds that are fresh and cozy to shelter from sun, rain etc. and a large paddock.

4) Game, the possibility of having a similar one next to it makes horses live what is said to be a natural relationship with a similar one, very often negatagli if closed in small boxes with grates and even worse walls etc. For the horse to play with a similar one, have space for walking, bucking etc. it is synonymous with mental, emotional and physical well-being, this allows them to avoid to 90% any kind of malaise even of a healthy nature such as colic, laminitis, important tics, etc.

5) Cleaning, one of the things to which Alessandro (the founder of La Pineta dei Cavalli) cares a lot like all other factors of well-being of the horse.

The paddocks, the sheds and all the facilities are cleaned daily by expert and qualified personnel and periodically disinfected with criteria.