La Pineta dei Cavalli is a natural riding school with the only certified Parelli instructor in Southern Italy (Alessandro Arcadi).
The school is open to everyone, big and small, women and men. After membership, everyone can go on horseback and learn.

Our horses live and grow by following the canons of their natural life more faithfully! They spend their days in paddock together with other horses, they play, they move and have fun, become familiar and take a calm and relaxed attitude towards us.

The school uses equipment and horses for western riding / trekking, finalizing the teachings in the later stages of basic learning, equestrian tourism with the natural riding method.

Equestrian tourism consists in learning to manage oneself and the horse in the most varied situations in which one can venture during a simple walk or on a journey of several days and even weeks.
The equipment used by our company consists of Western saddles or trekking, harnesses of these specialties and in the subsequent stages of saddlebags and everything that is used during trips on horseback. However, this equipment has its use, which, with the staff, we can learn to use to enjoy the best of our horse rides and in maximum safety of ourselves, others and especially our horse that has been entrusted.

The horses used are all chosen and trained for this sport / recreation, thanks also to the constant and periodic work that all the team of La Pineta dei Cavalli performs on these generous, sweet and available horses.

Western riding follows certain canons of training, care and management of the horse, which we will learn together during the lessons, as well as equestrian tourism.

Equestrian tourism, prefers certain skills that the horse and rider must have to face a long journey at best, where they can encounter various contingencies like, face rough terrain or have to wade (cross) a river or a stream etc. or go up and down a hill or mountain, prepare everything you need to start, know how to tie the horse safely, know the various signals between horses and riders, read maps and navigate, use GPS, etc.etc.

All this and much more fun happens here, in the Pinewood of Horses, where people and horses learn and continue to live together in harmony and friendship, forming solid groups and prepared to start again with so much charge and energy towards another adventure even more exciting !!!